This is the official website of Emmanouel Rovithis, researcher and maker of sounds

Αυτή είναι η επίσημη ιστοσελίδα του Εμμανουήλ Ροβίθη, ερευνητή και δημιουργό ήχων


Latest News

===29 March 2023===

"Goodbye Lindita", Rovithis' second collaboration with director Mario Banushi, premiered at the Experimental Stage of the National Theatre of Greece. 

===21 December 2022===

The performance "[Taal In][Taal Out]" by choreographer Justine Goussot and performer Sissy Marmaritsaki, a research on the fusion of traditional Indian with contemporary dance under Rovithis' soundscapes, premiered at the On/Off Studio in Athens, Greece. 

===10 October 2022===

The book chapter entitled "Serious Film Games (S.FI.GA.): Integrating Game Elements with Filmmaking Principles into Playful Scriptwriting” published in the collective volume "Smart Pedagogy of Game-based Learning” by Springer.
This is a milestone in Rovithis' academic career, since it is his first chapter publication. 

===10 September 2022===

Rovithis participated in the 86th International Exhibition of Thessaloniki as a member of the Ionian University delegation that presented the current work of the university's Departments in the fields of scientific research and artistic creation including the Audiovisual Department's games and interactive applications

===17 June 2022===

Opening of the exhibition "my Ukraine!" at the Agathi Kartalos Gallery in Athens, presenting photographer Dina Koumpouli's travelogue to pre-war Ukraine. Rovithis has enhanced selected photos through short audio collages accessible via headphones. 

===10 March 2022===

Director Mario Banushi's debut performance "Ragada", for which Rovithis has composed original music, premiered at the "Performance Rooms 2022" contemporary art exhibition organised by the Kappatos Gallery at the St. George Lycabettus Hotel in Athens. 

===19 April 2021===

Dr. Emmanouel Rovithis appointed as Laboratory Teaching Personnel at the Ionian University Department of Audio & Visual Arts in the field "Teaching of Art". 

===13 November 2019===

The paper "Audio Legends: Investigating Sonic Interaction in an Augmented Reality Audio Game” published in the MDPI scientific journal Multimodal Technologies and Interaction, Volume 3 Issue 4. 
This publication successfully concludes the EU and Greece co-financed post-doc research project "Augmented Reality Audio Games" by analyzing the results.

===19 July 2019===

The paper "Bridging Audio and Augmented Reality towards a new Generation of Serious Audio‑only Games” published in The Electronic Journal of e-Learning, Volume 17 Issue 2. 
This is a milestone in Rovithis' academic career, since it is his first publication in a peer-reviewed scientific journal.

===28-29 June 2019===

The prototype Augmented Reality Audio Game "Audio Legends” successfully tested with 30 subjects of various age groups in the Old Fortress of Corfu.
Audio Legends includes three different game scenarios aiming to provide insight about the utilisation of gestural activity for sonic interaction in an augmented reality environment.  

===13 December 2018===

First testing session of the Augmented Reality Audio mixing system by the Epoas Research Group of the Dept. of Audio & Visual Arts at the Ionian University at Corfu.
Testing was successful in measuring distance and angle between the user and a virtual point of interest placed on the map. 2019 seems to be an exciting audio-augmented year, looking forward to the next testing sessions!

===24-25 November 2018===
First performance of the latest project "Dotted" ("Στιγμή Διαρκείας") by FingerPrint @Artiria in Athens, Greece. FingerPrint is an experimental multimedia dance-theatre group comprised of director/actress Vicky Sachpazi, choreographer/dancer Justine Goussot, visual artist Kostis Papadopoulos, and sound artist Emmanouel Rovithis 
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